The XBLite demo folder contains over 250 console and GUI example programs. The extensive GUI examples show how to use the win32 API libraries for creating GUI windows, dialogs and controls.

250+ Example Programs
  • Console programs
  • Win32 GUI programs
  • Common controls
  • Custom controls
  • Encryption
  • Internet protocols
  • OpenGL
  • DirectDraw
  • Games
  • Inline Assembly
  • CGI
  • Compression
  • Graphics
  • Printing
  • Sprites
  • Image Editing
  • Bitmap Management
  • Statistics

api.x Call GetTimeFormatA to create a formatted time string.
arc4.x Implementation of RC4 encyption algorithm.
auxdemo.x A Win32 SDK OpenGL example.
balls.x A screensaver demo that draws moving spheres.
base64.x Convert binary date to base64-encoded data, or vice-versa.
benchmark.x Example of using the Tak Benchmark. 
bestfit.x Examples of finding best fit equation to data points. 
bitmapbutton.x Displays a bitmap image on a push-button control.
bmpbackgrnd.x Use a bitmap as background for window.
bmpbitblt.x Load and display two bitmap images from a resource file.
bubbles.x A screensaver demo that draws colored circles.
button.x Demo of various standard button controls.
calc.x A simple calculator.
calendar.x A simple demo to display the calendar control.
canvas.x A custom canvas control for displaying graphics.
canvasmulti.x Use multiple instances of the canvas custom control. 
canvasswap.x Use the canvas custom control to swap two images.
canvastest.x A demo which uses the canvas.dll custom control.
child.x A simple demo to create a couple of child controls.
clamp.x Test various methods of range checking on a variable.
clipboard.x Paste and copy text to and from the windows clipboard.
clock.x Display a clock in titlebar.
colormixer.x A color mixer example using scrollbars to mix RGB colors.
columns.x Display text or numbers in aligned columns.
combobox.x A demo of using various combobox controls.
comboboxex.x Use comboboxex with an image list to display icons.
combocolor.x A owner-drawn color-pick combobox custom control.
combocolortest.x Test the custom control, "combocolor".
comctlversion.x Get the version number for comctl32.dll.
comdlg.x A demo of several standard common dialogs in comdlg32.dll.
comm.x Get default COM1 configuration settings.
conio.x Demo of Xio console library functions.
contest.x Demo of Xio console library functions.
cpuident.x Use CPUID instruction to determine CPU properties.
crc32.x Calculate the 32-bit CRC of a file.
createicon.x Use CreateIcon to create a custom icon at run-time.
cryptfile.x Encrypting and Decrypting a File using CryptoAPI functions.
ctrlword.x Get or set the FPU control word. 
cube.x This example is from the OpenGL Programming Guide.
cube3d.x OpenGL demonstration.
cursors.x A demo showing how to load/use cursors.
custdlgbox.x Create an on-the-fly modal dialog box.
custmake.x Use MAKEFILE keyword to use a custom makefile template.
data.x Load a data file containing comma-delimited numbers.
datetimeformat.x Display the date and time in various formats.
ddexample1.x A direct draw demo program.
dlgbox.x Display a Modal Dialog Box.
dlgmain.x Use a Modal Dialog Box as the main window. 
download.x Download internet files. 
dragndrop.x Drop files from File Explorer onto a listview control.
drawhtml.x A DrawHTML() function.
drivejump.x Drive Jump is pop-up drive browser.
edit.x A demo of various edit controls.
exception.x Demo of some exception handling functions in XBLite.
fact.x Factorial demo using LONGDOUBLE type.
fileattr.x A demo of calling XstGetFileAttributes().
filedemo.x Open and close files using OPEN() and CLOSE().
fileinfo.x A demo which returns a file's size and last modified attributes.
finddirs.x Example of using FindDirs() function to search for directories.
flatscrollbar.x A demo to display flatscrollbar styles in a window. 
fmod.x Floating point modulus functions.
fontfun.x Create and display various font styles, sizes, and colors.
fontviewer.x Enumerate and display fonts in a dialog window.
format.x Demo of using FORMAT$ intrinsic.
formatcode.x A command line program to format and indent XBLite code. 
gdidemo.x Demo of various win32 API drawing functions in gdi32.dll.
getenv.x Compare environment functions.
gethttp.x Retrieve files using HTTP and windows socket functions.
geturl.x Download an internet file from a source URL address. 
gradient.x Create smooth color gradients .
graph.x A custom graph control.
graphtest.x Test the graph.dll custom control.
halo.x A demo which draws a field of overlapping arcs (as circles). 
hashfile.x Create a hash from a file using SHA-1 hash algorithm. 
hello.x A basic windows gui program.
hexcalc.x A hex calculator program.
htmlhelp.x Use HtmlHelp() to start an instance of an Html Help file, *.chm.
hyperlink.x A hyperlink custom control. 
hyperlinktest.x A test of the hyperlink custom control.
icondemo.x This demo illustrates drawing system and resource icons.
ieelibtest.x Test Cephes extended precision math library, ieelib.dll.
imagelist.x Use an image list to draw playing cards. 
info.x Program displays a dialog box which gives OS information. 
inkey.x This program demonstrates using an XioInkey() function. 
keypress.x XioKeyPress () used for monitoring keyboard input in console.
launch.x Get default system browser and start browser with a URL.
like.x A demo useing a matching function Like().
linklist.x Implement three independent bidirectional linked lists.
listbox.x A demo of various listbox controls.
listview.x A demo program using the listview control.
listviewfile.x Fill a listview control with file attributes info from a directory.
listviewicons.x Associate an image list of system icons with a listview control.
loadimage.x Load graphics files of type GIF, JPG, BMP and display them.
longdbl.x Use FPU instruction fldpi to return the value of pi.
lorenz.x A demo of drawing two Lorenz Attractors.
lucida.x Draw unicode text using ExtTextOutW and a unicode font.
lvcheckboxes.x Use a listview control with checkboxes and grid lines.
lvfileicons.x Demo of a listview control filled with file attribute information. 
lvprogbar.x Use the listview control with a progress bar as a subitem.
mandelbrot.x This program draws the standard mandelbrot set. 
maytest.x Compare DOUBLE vs LONGDOUBLE precision.
maze.x Draw mazes from one of three different maze generators.
md5.x Demo of MD5 CheckSum Algorithm.
mdi.x This demo creates and displays MDI child windows.
menu.x A demo of a using simple menu control.
menuresource.x A demo program which creates a menu from a resource file.
midisound.x A Sound() function which plays a MIDI note.
modeless.x Display a Modeless Dialog Box as a main user window.
moire.x A demo which draws a moire-like pattern. 
mondrian.x A demo which draws rectangles recursively.
mouse.x This demo shows how mouse messages/events are captured. 
mouseover.x Disply a hand cursor while hovering over text.
msec_timer.x Demo to compare timing functions.
msgboxex.x Use SetWindowsHookExA to add a hook to message box.
msgboxhook.x Add a message hook to a standard message box. 
msvcrtdll.x C function library msvcrt.dll examples.
mydll.x Create a test function library to be used with testdll.x.
oop.x An OOP-like demo.
opengl_template.x An OpenGl template.
osversion.x XstGetOSVersion () and XstOSName () functions.
pager.x Demo of a pager control.
picbutton.x A demonstration of a push button custom control. 
pid.x Simple PID Loop Simulator Demo.
pong.x A pong-like game demo.
popmenu.x A demo to show how to create a popup menu.
printit.x One xblite console program starts a second console program.
profile.x Read and write to the win.ini initialization file.
progressbar.x An example of creating a progress bar control.
puzzle.x The 'Puzzle of Fifteen' sliding tiles puzzle.
random.x A demo using random number functions in Xsx.
rcdata.x A demo extracting data from a resource.
rebar.x Demo of a rebar control. 
region.x Use paths and regions to display a transparent window.
richedit.x Creates a richedit control.
rngs.x RNGs is a Pseudo Random Number Generation library.
robotarm.x OpenGL example.
scrollBitmap.x Scroll a bitmap in a resizable client area.
selection.x Create selection areas using the mouse.
setbit.x A test program to use inline ASM in a SetBit() function.
shell.x Shell(), a replacement for the SHELL intrinsic function.
shelltest.x Test Shell() function.
showhtml.x Use ShowHTMLDialog() to display html in a dialog window.
simple2d.x An OpenGL demo to show how to draw simple 2-D graphics. 
skin.x skin.x is based on BmpBitBlt.x example program.
snowflake.x OpenGL demo which draws a 3D pryamid shape recursively.
sortie.x Test sorting flags used with XstQuickSort.
sorting.x A Comparison of Various Sorting Algorithms.
spheres.x Draw three types of shaded spheres.
spinbox.x This OpenGL/GLUT example draws a rotating square.
spincube.x This graphics demo draws a solid moving cube. 
spiro.x Draw 'spirographic' drawings by plotting points with SetPixelV.
splash.x A custom splash screen control.
splashtest.x Test the splash.dll custom control.
splitter.x A splitter custom control.
splittest.x Test the splitter.dll custom control.
spritedemo.x Draw a sprite using Xbm function XbmDrawMaskedImage.
starfield.x A direct draw starfield demo. Illustrates how to draw to hDC.
statbarprogbar.x A demo of the statusbar control with two progress bars.
static.x A demo to show various styles of static controls.
statusbar.x A demo of the statusbar control.
stdhandle.x One xblite console program starts a second console program. 
string.x Use the XstWriteString and XstReadString functions.
sysiconimagelist.x Create an imagelist using system icons.
system.x Call various system functions in the Xst/Xsx libraries.
systray.x A program which manipulates an icon in the system task tray.
tab.x Demo of creating a multi-tab control.
tabctl.x A short demo of creating a tab control.
tabdialog.x Create a tabbed dialog box using loaded resource templates.
taskbar.x Place an icon in the system tray.
tea.x TEA, a Tiny Encryption Algorithm.
teapot.x OpenGL/GLUT demo displays the predefined teapot object. 
terrain1.x OpenGL First Person Movement demo.
testdll.x Import a dll function library as an object file.
testformatcode.x Test code formatting function.
texture.x An OpenGL texture example. 
threadpool.x Use a pool of threads to perform a series of tasks in a que.
threads.x Create and run two thread processes.
threeway.x C specification of the threeway block cipher. 
thumbnail.x Use the listview control to display BMP images as thumbnails.
timestamp.x ASM demo which uses RDTSC instruction.
tinyptc_ddraw.x TinyPTC by Gaffer - A tiny framebuffer library.
tinyptc_gdi.x TinyPTC by Gaffer - A tiny framebuffer library.
tls.x Thread local storage (TLS) demo.
tomjerry.x Tom and Jerry graphics demo.
toolbar.x Create a "flat" style of toolbar.
tooltips.x Use a tooltips control to display tooltip hints for child controls.
trackbar.x This demo creates various styles of trackbar controls.
treedragdrop.x Treeview control in which sub items can be selected/ moved. 
treeview.x A demo of the treeview control.
treeviewdir.x A demo to display directories in a treeview control. 
triangle.x OpenGL example.
trim.x This program compares the trim functions.
truchet.x A demo which draws a random 'truchet' pattern. 
tsplit.x Use splitter.dll custom control to create a T splitter. 
ucase.x Inline ASM changes text to uppercase using Ucase$().
uncomment.x UnComment() removes any comments from a line of code.
updown.x This demo creates an updown (or spinner) control.
walk.x OpenGL first person movement example.
winscroll.x Scroll a window containing multiple static controls.
winstyle.x Use SetWindowLong() to dynamically change the window style.
wirecube.x Draw 3D wire-frame cube.
wireframe.x Draw 3D wire-frame objects.
wordwrap.x A demo of WrapText$(), a word wrapping function.
xbclient.x A net client example. 
xbfc.x A Basic File Compression Library.
xbgrid.x XBLite version of "BabyGrid" custom grid control. 
xbgridfill.x Test speed of filling xbgrid with 20k cells.
xbgridtest.x Demo of using "babygrid" xbgrid custom control.
xbserver.x A net server example.
xdd.x XBLite DirectDraw library.
xml.x Rudimentary long double math library.
zap.x A simple file compression program.

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