XBLite is a concise, simple, powerful, Windows programming language which combines the speed of C with the ease of a BASIC syntax. The XBLite compiler is free, open-source, and published under GPL and LGPL licenses.

"XBLite is an easy-to-use, extremely flexible and powerful programming language, appropriate for both the quick utility and the major project. Of all the Open Source programming languages, none come close to XBLite."
"I use the XBLite compiler due to its similarities to C, but without the complications of memory management. It is simple to learn, yet ideally suited for beginners, students, and programming  professionals alike."
"I originally downloaded XBLite because it was free and I've been using XBLite for all my major projects ever since. What I really like about XBLite is the comprehensive CHM help file and demo programs. What other free BASIC compiler has a help file with over 400 topics and over 200 demo programs."
Three Steps to Begin Programming with XBLite

1. Download the XBLite compiler

Download file contains the free XBLite compiler, XSED code editor, demos, and reference manuals.

                                            it from CNET Download.com!

XBLite compiler, XSED code editor, demos, and CHM reference manual.
Source Code

Optional XBLite Reference Manual
in pdf format
Note! The CHM format reference manual is already included with the XBLite compiler download file. This optional manual is in pdf format.


Install the files to an \xblite folder by unzipping all of the files in the archive into a directory of your choice, eg d:\, while maintaining the entire directory structure.  Use a file archiving and compression utility such as WinZip or 7-Zip. Then make sure to run the install.exe program found in the \xblite\bin\ folder.

Make sure to read the Getting Started section of the XBLite HTML Help file.

2. Download win32.hlp

The Win32 Programmers Reference win32.hlp is an invaluable resource for programming under all 32-bit Windows OS's. It contains information on functions and types found in the key Win32 API libraries such as gdi32.dll, kernel32.dll and user32.dll.

3. Need Support?  Have programming questions?

Try the XBLite online forum or join us at the XBLite Google Group.

How Can I Help?

If you like this software, then you can help by adding a link to this website from your homepage and also by telling other people about it. Although this software is free, any donations are greatly appreciated.

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